Under 18 and Group Information

Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn, meet new friends who share your interests, have fun and feel good about giving to your community. Although we do not have regular volunteer positions at NWH for people under 18 years old there are many ways younger people and groups of people of any age can help NWH help wildlife. For example, you can hold a food and supplies drive at your school, in your neighbourhood or any community location. This is one way you can help with our ongoing needs to provide for the wild animals in our wildlife rehabilitation center. (See our Wish List) on our website for a list of items we really need. There are lots of things you can do in your daily life to help wildlife as well. Ideas like planting native plants to provide food and homes for wildlife and ensuring that your cats and dogs are spayed and neutered and live inside as part of your family. Holding yard sales and donating a portion of the proceeds to NWH and other smaller events to help raise funds for direct animal care are other ways you can help. Scout groups and other groups are invited to hold a building session and help us by making den boxes and nest boxes for our wildlife in their outdoor (and indoor) pre-release conditioning cages.  We are always in need of those. If you would like to learn more about NWH please visit our website at www.niagarawildilfehaven.org. Because our goal is to preserve and respect the wild nature of the animals in our care we do not offer tours during the busy rehabilitation season.  We do have an open house over the Christmas holidays and we invite you to come tour the facility then and learn more about the work we do.  Occasionally, we may have on-site projects at NWH that a group of young people (ages 10 and up) with the supervision of adults can help us complete. If you have a group and want to suggest a project (such as nest box building), an adult should call us at 905/735-9556. 

18 years of age or over

You must be 18 years of age or over to volunteer at Niagara Wildlife Haven.

All perspective volunteers are required to attend an orientation session and individual interview with the Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Director of Niagara Wildlife Haven.

Rabies/Pre-exposure Vaccination

Volunteers who wish to work hands on with rabies vector species (in-house or off-site) must have an adequate rabies antibody titre in the event of accidental exposure. Preference will be given to those who can produce current proof of a sufficient rabies titre. If you have any questions about this vaccination please consult your physician. Note: Some insurance companies pay for this vaccination, others do not, as these are volunteer positions. Niagara Wildlife Haven does not provide rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis vaccine for volunteers. Rabies vector species include bats, skunks, foxes and raccoons.

Machine learning

We are looking to hire mathematically minded people who have the talent to analyze and derive meaning from data, as well as those who know how to deploy techniques of machine learning. We work with a diverse set of technologies, including deep learning, probabilistic programming, large-scale learning, and causal reasoning. For scientists who’ve got algorithmic ability, this skill set can be the ticket to one of the hottest jobs on the market.

Accordions and Toggles